Day 2, Dec 4th: Job Interview

Today's a short update; I have a job interview and then I'm catching up with friends.

It's not the greatest area, and the pay is a bit less than my last job, but it's admin for a sports centre and asdfghjkl I'm wearing a dress with these tight little arms and I feel like my stomach is in my esophagus. 
I emailed them my resume and they emailed back 26 minutes later and I was like:


Then I sat with my dog, who for anonymity's sake we're just gonna called Whumper.
(Because that's what I call her, actually).

And if she looks a bit daft then, well, that's because she really is. Mostly I spend my holidays trying to stop her from eating bees.

Anyways, point being, my family wasn't impressed I'd applied for a job so far away from home. But I bet they'll be impressed when I can afford to buy them sweet-as Christmas presents.


They better goddamn be.



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