Day 3, Dec 5th: The Little Good Things

So, I'm totally cheating by posting this a little after midnight, but I digress. 

I was catching the bus to get to my job interview (today? Yesterday?) and I forgot my concession card. And by forgot I mean lost. And by lost I mean I can't get the concession bus price if I can't show the driver that card.

I figured the usual bus price would be something like double the concession price, so when I went to the Nice Mr Bus Man to buy a ticket I put down something like double.

And by something like double I mean exactly double.

Which was apparently eighty cents short. 

Which I apparently didn't realise for a good thirty seconds of Nice Mr Bus Man staring at my coins. 
So then I was all:


But then he was all: 

"Gimme a second"

And gave me a ticket and left a whole bunch of my coins on the little table thingy instead of putting them away. 

And because I'm great at life, I was all:


Mr Nice Bus Man just looked at me and said:




"Check your ticket."

And then we drove off together into the sunset, with five other people and a lot of traffic.

Point being, he put me down as concession even though I had no proof.

It doesn't sound like much, but I find it's the little good things that make life swell.
Thank you Mr Nice Bus Man. You rock.

I think we can all learn a valuable lesson here: the best things in life are concession price. Or free.

But mostly just concession priced.


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