Day 5.5, Dec 7th: Why Being Single Doesn't Mean What Your Friends Seem To Think It Means

It's the gift giving season for whichever of the religions/non-religions you subscribe to, which means inevitable family gatherings and relatives trying to nose into your love life with the ever innocent question: "Are you still single?"

Problem is, like most normal people, I'm thinking oodles of things at any given time.

I'm so busy thinking oodles of things that I never really think of myself as single.

The only time I consider myself as singular is when people ask me, and I start to ask myself all kinds of questions about my being single: 

The other day, a good friend of mine who recently entered a relationship asked me:

And without really thinking about it, I shrugged and said back:

And it really is exactly like always.

Don't get me wrong, I've been in relationships before and they were totally awesome. I was in love and even the crappy parts were kinda nice. The problem is that I'm just not a 'single' part of a pair that's missing their other part, because my identity end-game doesn't see me riding off into the sunset with my ideal match. 

My end-game identity is really just me in a few years time doing whatever it is that makes me happy and helps out. 

It's exactly like always because I've always been like that. I didn't wake up one day bitter and determined to never give myself over to a romantic relationship.

Companionship is great, but I've always liked my own company.

Tasks for two are fun, but I've always enjoyed solo pursuits.

Sharing is awesome, but I prefer keeping things to myself.

Maybe, like our aunts and friends always say, we'll 'change our minds when we find the right person. And kudos for the couples that achieved that because, hey, it's not easy work. The point is that where I'm concerned, I'm not looking.

 When you get down to the bare-bones of it all, 
I'm not single; I'm just me. 



Two posts in one day! Wahahah, ahh. 
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Feel free to comment and tell me your love/single/double/polyamorous troubles, I'd like to hear your stories 


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