Day 4, Dec 6th: Funerals, Beaches, Planes, and Sleep

Yesterday was Grandma's funeral, which wasn't as gloomy as it sounds. Honest. There was free coffee and biscuits. She had a rockin' casket and flowers and everything. Main issue: flowers.

What's with flowers?

I don't get them. 

Not I don't "get them" get them, but I don't get them. Understand them. Whenever I get flowers for whatever reason, I don't know how people want me to respond. I feel like "I will treasure these plant sexual organs you ripped from the earth for the next ten hours they survive" is a bit a douchey, because hey, free sexual organs.

Don't get me wrong, they're nice to look at.

Then I spent all of today sleeping because I had two hours sleep before the funeral. I was hanging out with two of my best friends the night before, and we went and sat on a rock wall at the beach and watched the dock and ship lights and talked about stuff.


(I didn't draw Josh because I ran out of space and couldn't be bothered resizing the image, but that there is Borg)



We ate fish and chips and got mobbed by seagulls.

Anyways, last night we drove my brother and his girlfriend to the airport, bound for a Sydney film festival they contributed a film to. Whumper had her head out of the window and got jet-stream hammered in the face by a roadside rotatory sprinkler.

Now I keep walking into my bro's room all like "WHAT UP" and then I realise he's not there:


I'm gonna go practice some sweet cartooning methinks.


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